RF MAX® – Bipolar Radiofrequency - Flat-headers

Product Description

RF-MAX® a device thought, designed, and manufactured for professionals seeking simplicity, portability, and easy operation.

RF-MAX® delivers visible and durable results by gathering every technology and quality advantage compared to older equipments as Inductive Radiofrequency or, also called, heat inducer.

RF-MAX® utilizes a bipolar flat-headers radiofrequency emission system increasing deep dermis temperature more effective than heat inducers. RF Max benefits collagen and elastine fibers attaining a smooth, luminous, and tighten skin.

According to the requirement of the professional, decide the equipment’s frequency in its continuous or pulsed mode of 10, 50, or 80 Hz.

RF-MAX® facial and body headers are manufactured with surgical stainless steel, acetal hypoallergenic resin, and golden-coated finishing, increasing the skin’s physical contact safety.


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